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Over the past twenty years, Ol Irish Pubs Ltd. have designed and built Irish pubs and restaurants throughout the world.

Who we Are

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Everything we do is 100% Irish, from our in-house design team located beside Dublin International Airport, through to our workshops based in Louth. We have a keen eye for detail and every element of a Public House that we create is handcrafted by us here in Ireland. This gives us the ability to ensure that our high quality craftsmanship is maintained and gives us the confidence to stand over each of our Irish bar designs. We understand that pubs are high traffic areas and we only create Irish pubs that stand the test of time, using only the highest quality of materials. This is why we are the industry leader and proudly supported by Guinness.

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Why Choose Ól Irish Pubs?

This is not a job for us, this is a passion! We love the atmosphere that a successfully designed Irish pub creates and we take great pride in the knowledge that we can create this time and time again. After all, it is the atmosphere and craic that turns your customers into regulars. We may be the experts in Irish pub design, however it’s the client’s vision that we create. We can work with any space, from a concrete shell building through to a pub refurbishment. Our core success factor is driven by our belief “Listening, Delivering”. We work closely with each client throughout every stage of the pub design and build process, this ensures that the client’s vision is achieved and their design can be altered if necessary. Each project starts off with a set fee contract that clearly outlines exactly what we will do and when we will achieve it by. Throughout this time, until project completion, we maintain regular client contact, this makes them fully aware of the build progress at each step of the process. This communication includes timeline updates, images of the materials being made in our workshops, updates on design and important dates such as when we will ship the materials and be onsite to fit them.

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Our Directors

Eamonn and John bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ól Irish Pubs Ltd. Having worked together for twenty years, their professional relationship has evolved into a strong partnership based on understanding, a true passion for Irish pub building and a pure love for Guinness.


They take a very hands on approach to each project and are always the main point of contact, from the initial conversation through to build completion. Their mixed backgrounds in architecture, hospitality and the construction industry ensures that every detail is accounted for. Like any true Irish person, they both love a good story and will tease out every element of a client’s Irish pub vision to ensure that expectations are exceeded.

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