OL Irish Pubs – The world’s oldest Irish Pub Builder and Designer

OL Irish Pubs have designed and built hundreds of authentic Irish pubs throughout the world. We are THE Pub Design Expert, Pub Build Expert and Pub Refurbishment Expert. Everything we do is 100% Irish, from our in-house design team located beside Dublin International Airport, through to our workshops based in Louth.

Relationship building is key to each new project we take on. By having these close relationships with each of our clients we are able to fully understand their ultimate goal, target clients and best use of their location. We deliver what the client wants and within their budgets and deadlines!

pub design process

Each project we take on is unique, we build pubs around the owner and their clients. What works in one location may not work in the next. With forty years’ experience working across Europe, the Americas and Australasia, our design and build turnkey solution is tried and tested. We understand the risks involved in this style of investment and have measures in place so as to minimise these. We have never missed a deadline or gone over budget on any project, which has ensured a high level of client satisfaction resulting in over 80% of our business being repeat. Our pub build process is simple and works!

Our Step by Step Pub Build Process

Step 1 – We have a chat with the client, either face to face or over the phone. We are mostly listening from this initial conversation as we want to find out as much as possible. This would include project plans, deadlines, location, budget, pubs/styles you like, materials you’d like to employ and demographic of target clients.

Step 2 – From this chat, we will hold an in house meeting with all the information we have gathered. We look at the plans and pull together possible layouts and styles. The aim of this meeting is to pull together an initial mood board for the client.

Step 3 – We discuss this moodboard with the client and take the red pen attitude to it. We ask them what they love, like and hate. This is to help us create their vision.

Step 4 – We arrange a site inspection on the location and meet to further develop the concept.

Step 5 – After this site visit, we will forward the client on a detailed set cost proposal that includes plans, elevations, mood boards, contract listing and key dates. At this point we liaise and ensure the client reads and understands all parts of the plans/listing and bar build process. The General Manager must be involved as to the workings of the space and how it can evolve. We will happily alter the design until all parties have satisfied all issues. The contract listing includes every elements of the pub interior and exterior, all of which is sourced and hand made in our workshops in Ireland. These consist of: handcrafted Irish joinery (woodwork), bric-a-brac, external treatment, feature work, floor finishes, custom made, handcrafted Irish furniture, glass-work, ironmonger, light fixtures, metalwork, custom made signage, walls and ceiling finishes, transport the pub and install the pub.

Step 6 – Contract and Design – Once the design and quotation is agreed upon, contracts are signed and the detailed design and manufacture of the pub commences. A typical time scale is approximately sixteen weeks from the signing of the contract to a fully completed fitout. Whilst we create the pub fitout, the client, alongside their local building contractor, prepares the shell of the premises. This consists of liaising with a local architect and contractor to ensure that all permits are received, the installation of mechanics and plumbing has been completed and that the shell is prepared for pub install.

Step 7 – Production – Throughout the production stage, we provide images of each element of the client’s bar as it is being made. This ensures that the client’s expectations and requirements are being maintained and allows us the opportunity to make alterations prior to shipping. 70% of our clients actually come to Ireland to experience the production process and examine the quality of products for themselves. We encourage this as it allows the client to touch, feel and see how their bar will look and they can meet our team who makes it.

Step 8 – Fitout – Once the manufacture stage is complete, we ship everything in containers to their destination. We then send over our expert team of fitters, joiners, painters and tilers to complete the bar build process, some of whom you’ll meet when you visit our workshop.

Step 9 – We hand you the keys of your authentically built Irish pub and we have a pint to toast.

By employing the right materials, we build pubs that stand the test of time! Our pubs are built with not just this generation in mind but for each one to come. That’s what makes OL Irish Pubs the leading and oldest Irish Pub Builder, Designer and Refurbishment Expert.

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