When it comes to designing a brand new bar, or redesigning an existing one, you’ll want your new look to create a big impact with your customers and enhance their experience.

Pub Interior Design

So it’s best to use the services of the experts in the field and employ a well-established pub design company: someone who can bring your ideas together and deliver the wow factor! Some key considerations to make it easier to navigate through the process and get the best results from your pub designer are:

Have your own ideas in advance

Before you call in a designer, have a clear idea of your own service offering – is it both food and drinks? This will help a designer understand the feel and ambience you are trying to create.

Set your budget parameters in advance, as finances can often be a sticking point. Give the design firm an indication of the design budget before any time is spent writing and reviewing proposals.

Have some creative ideas of your own before meeting the potential designer. Designers don’t work alone – it’s a team effort. If the designer and the client can form an effective team together, you’ll get a better project outcome.

Provide a full briefing to the design company

Providing as much information as you can when you brief a designer will result in a proposal that better addresses your needs. Failing to share upfront information about the project and its budget can waste everyone’s time, so share the following:

1. A brief description of the business
2. The reasons driving the new design and why change is needed
3. What needs fixing and why.
4. The vision you have for your brand resulting from the new design.
5. Expected start and completion dates for the overall project
6. The budget available

Set your criteria for choosing a designer

Interview several designers – it is crucially important a team works well together, so personalities matter. Successful design is always collaborative, so a client has to be comfortable that the chosen designer is fully in tune with the driving vision.

Let all candidate designers know what criteria you’ll use to select the winning design firm. Decide in advance the criteria you’ll use to score and evaluate the design firms. Apply the same criteria to all firms being evaluated to ensure an “apples to apples” comparison.

Ask questions of the designers

If there’s a big variance in quotes, ask why! It’s your money and you’re entitled to understand what you are getting for it. Bear in mind that it is not only the talent of the designer, but their years of experience and expertise that can save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Does the selected designer have the qualified team of experts to execute your project’s vision to make it a reality and bring it to a successful conclusion?  Is the actual venue space a suitable one in which to deliver your vision and create the desired atmospherics.

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